Diet Recovery 2

I always wondered growing up how I seemed to be so healthy eating whatever the hell I wanted: plenty of cookies, fast food, burgers, pizza, eggs, butter, ice cream, sugar, candy, chicken wings… you get the drift.  Not an ounce of extra fat.  No cavities.  Good biomarkers like pulse, blood pressure, etc.  Sometimes in college I would have a Coke and a Snickers for lunch.  Or cookies.  Or a Hot Pocket.  I often did the same kind of thing in high school, actually.  Nachos with that fake cheese sauce… Yum! (Not really).

What I didn’t realize is that I was eating healthy.  Very healthy.  I’ve been sticking my head in the rabbit hole of health and nutrition for well on six years now.  I’ve been diet obsessed.  I’ve been exercise obsessed.  I’ve read a number of books and tons of blog entries.  There are so many diets out there.  So many philosophies.  I’ve picked a few different theories.  A lot of the info out there simply doesn’t add up, mainstream or not.

Diet Recovery 2 is the first book that seems to be really getting at the fundamentals of health and nutrition.  I’ve been following Matt on this journey for about three years now.  The amount of research, conversations, thought, and experience that has gone into his knowledge base is astronomical.  And he is ready for any idea to be challenged.  He is committed to understanding the basics of health, and not falling into any dogma.  I find this book answering questions I still had unresolved.  No matter who you are, if you have any interest in learning about health and nutrition, I highly recommend this book.

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