Culture of Poverty

What happened to our culture?  What happened to being human?  The robots have taken over.  Look around you.  What productive activity is being done, anywhere?  I’m sorry.  I take that back.  We already live in the most “productive” society ever to exist.  What useful activity is being done, anywhere?

Do you see the insanity?  Do you see the disconnect?  People trapped in gyms, running on treadmills.  Counting their steps.  Their grams of fat.  Kashi GoLean, Skinny Cow, Fage 0.  Are these even real foods?  Have you ever met a farmer?

Meanwhile, a world away, children in Ghana burn electronic waste for precious metals without any environmental protection and native landscapes are torn up for frac sand and tar sand mines.  For what?  For more treadmills?  I don’t get it.  I don’t get any of it.  There’s something deeply wrong with our culture.  With Western culture.  With civilization.

There are so many things I want to touch in, want to get into.  I don’t know where to begin.  What would real health look like?  Strong communities.  Purposeful lives.  Fresh, rich soils.  Clean air.  Shared meals.  Love.  Support.  It’s a world far away from the laboratory.

What we have instead are things that come out of laboratories and are supported by laboratories: 100 calories, 10,000 steps, BMI, butter substitute.  These have nothing to do with health.  Keep counting.

So we have these studies.  Proven efficacy.  Blue zones.  The Ornish Program.  What do they have?  Social networks.  Love and support.  What else?  A vegetarian agenda.  Are these factors separated?  The variables isolated?  No.  I guess I’m a nerd.  I just notice these things.  Can’t help it.  Doesn’t matter that Denise Minger crushed T. Colin Campbell on the science.  On the pure argument based off of Campbell’s own research.  He doesn’t need to respond.  He’s establishment.  She’s Liberal Arts.

We know where we’re getting.  All of us.  We know what it’s supposed to be like.  Our intuition is leading us there.  Here’s the thing.  All that counting.  All that telling people what to eat.  The weigh-ins.  Everything.  All of it’s missing the point.  There’s only one assessment you need to know.  Just ask yourself the question: “What’s motivating this action?”

Is it a sense of fear and poverty?  Is it a “have to”?  If I do this, then I will have this.  Or is it a sense of generosity and surplus?  Think of Julia Childs.  “If you’re afraid of butter, use cream!”  Here’s a person that loved food.  Generosity.  Surplus.

0%.  100 calories.  Only one slice of cake.  That’s poverty.  That’s fear.  That’s what you’re communicating to your body when you give these things validity.  That’s what will take effect.  The calories are beside the point.  You’re changing the context, and that’s the problem.

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2 Responses to Culture of Poverty

  1. CHIEFROK says:

    QUOTE: We already live in the most “productive” society ever to exist. What useful activity is being done, anywhere?

    you got right into it on this post Aaron. I often think what small changes we can do to make huge impacts on the entire world. Think of what impact it would have with approaching computers differently where we wouldn’t have kids doing that on the other end of the world to make ends meet sifting through garbage. What if they never became obsolete what if they were intelligently recyclable or reusable. t o me it makes no sense to create the garbage in the first place. People do not realize how everything relates to everything. We need to change the way we address obesity , I am certain of this based on what I’m doing with my blog but we also need to address the way we are meeting our daily needs on all levels with everything we do and look at the big picture.

    awesome post

  2. afontaine79 says:

    Yes. On a deeper level these problems are all one problem. That’s what I’m getting at with this post. Nothing is driving our culture. There used to be communities that had a sense of ownership. These resources are everyone’s resources. Now economists tell us not to worry about it and we just sit around becoming numb to our lack of social connection. As long as you stay trapped in a limited mindset, it looks like you can achieve some type of nirvana with just a few less pounds, healthier foods, a few more friends. If you wake up to the broader view, it’s all nonsense.
    The limited view is actually destructive. It perpetuates the destruction that is ongoing around us. My goal is that people are empowered. That they are not trapped by the arguments and the fear that enforces this way of life. It’s all part of an insanity, a disease, that’s been going on for a long time. I call it “White Man’s Disease” for lack of a better name. “Civilization” is a close second although that implies we cannot live in organized communities, which is not true.
    I’ve been meaning to get on a Skype chat with you for some time. Are you available any time in the near future? Send me an email.

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