Chief Rok and the secrets to fat loss

Check it out, yo!  My main man Chief is holding the secrets to weight loss ransom and he wants you to check out his blog.  Having buried myself deep in the rabbit hole of health and nutrition for over four years, I can guaran-fucking-tee you it has nothing to do with restricting fat, restricting carbs, or counting calories.  Saturated fats and animal fats have nothing to do with chronic disease.  Losing weight does not make you live longer.  Eating too many carbs does not cause insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome.  And as much as it’s pushed, simply attempting to diet and exercise does not lead to sustained weight loss.  People in our culture simply do not understand the anti-metabolic effects of attempting to diet and the starvation response of the body.  Natural weight loss isn’t something you force to happen.  We’re not talking about some Weight Watchers loss of about 20% that you have to go on counting points for the rest of your life to maintain while not even being close to “naturally thin”.  We’re talking about actually making it happen, making your body naturally change its composition.  This is about a way of being and eating that changes you from FATass to BADass, not a bunch of forced workouts or endless plates of broccoli and chicken breasts.  In fact, this is the only way it works.  Chief has gone from FATass to BADass himself and has consistently helped others do the same.  The funny thing is, when he initially decided to get fat again (in order to learn more and help others), it was more difficult than he anticipated.  Now he’s got his understanding pretty well squared away and as far as I know is the only person I know that has a fairly solid grasp of weight regulation in the human body.  Jon Gabriel and Mireille Guiliano may be able to offer some advice, but don’t get your expectations too high.  Guiliano offers a lot of the same of what we’ve already heard: everything in moderation, etc.   This is not what Chief is talking about.  He pounds buffets every day during a weight loss phase to prove it’s not about calories.  Gabriel hits closer to the mark.  You’ll get a lot of clues and insights into what’s going on, but it still feels like there are some pieces missing, and his program doesn’t work for everyone.  That’s why my faith is on Chief.  So what should you do if you’re interested in learning about this?  Go check out his blog post.  Post a comment if you wish.  Share this post with your friends.  I would love to see some real awareness around the issues of dieting and obesity out there.  It is having such an impact on our society and there is so much misinformation, so please share this post, even if you’re not interested in what Chief has to say.

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