Wealth is Abstract

Wealth is abstract.  It is not quantifiable.  It is preserved by the community and the culture that surrounds it, and that culture is part of what constitutes wealth.  Not all cultures preserve wealth but to destroy a culture is to destroy that which protects wealth.  Exploitation requires the removal or perversion of a culture.  This is couched in words like “progress” but also in words like “socialism”.  “Socialism” is a word used pejoratively as a first defense against the wealth-preserving social mores naturally inherent in a culture, or against those that would like to restore them.  It also masks the fact that the modern economy relies largely on subsidy.  That subsidy is the wealth already built up over years by previous cultures and ecosystems.

I considered many words when trying to summarize the theme of this blog: Culture, Relationships, Dependence, Fertility, Ecology, Sustainability, Wealth, Roots… Ultimately I realized, this is something that doesn’t fit in a box.  But this blog does have one underlying theme: Wealth, what it is, and how to preserve it.  Not wealth in the modern economic sense of purchasing power, but wealth in the sense of the immeasurables that sustain a society: culture, strong social relationships, soil fertility, a free and open society, and of course preservation of the natural resources and ecosystems on which we rely.

This blog is also about challenging many of the ideas that shape our society.  It will take a deeper look at the language and dialogue inherent in many of our discussions and the beliefs and biases masked therein.  I hope to establish a new framework and shift in conversation necessary to actually addressing many of the problems our society faces.

This blog will not fit into any easily labelled box.  It will talk about economics, but also nutrition.  It will talk about monetary theory, but may also touch on the spiritual.  All of these things are related.  The underlying theme is always the same: recognizing those patterns, beliefs, and systems that are leading us down an erronous course and looking at what needs to be changed to move us down the path to creating and preserving real wealth.  There is not one or two things that need chaning, in my humble opinion, but many.  Many of them have become endemic to our ideology and way of life, so this blog will be by no means simple.  But I will do my best to state my points as explicitly and concisely as possible since I believe it’s important to not just wax poetic, but engage in real debate that can make arguments and counter-arguments.  Only if we take the debate seriously will we learn and grow and understand what needs to be done.

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